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With over 20 years in business and REAL people on the phone, we’ll make moving your goods fast, easy and hassle free

At Millennium Cargo we won’t confuse you, bamboozle you or ever let you down. But we will…

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    Get Your Quotes To You Fast

    – Usually within just 2 hours!

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    Handle Your Booking Efficiently

    – You’ll get a fast response and a swift turnaround, every step of the way.

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    Turn Your Documentation Around Quickly

    – Within 24 hours of departure. No fuss. No dawdling.

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    Negotiate Your Credit Terms

    – Need extended credit terms? Multi Currencies? No problem, talk to us.

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    Give You Reliable Advice

    – We’ll decode the jargon and help you to understand everything, from supply chains and suppliers to customs and taxes.

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    Work With You Globally

    – We’re everywhere, so you don’t have to be. We’ll make moving your goods, anywhere in the world, hassle free.

The Force Behind Millennium

“You don’t get many kids dreaming of a career in logistics and freight.”

I was a normal kid and wanted to be a pilot/astronaut/footballer like most kids. And yet, I found myself in December 1987 walking into Scan Dutch, CGM in Birmingham City Centre, England as the new kid on the block starting out in the big wide world of shipping and freight forwarding.

I was (and still am!) a very energetic and confident young man and took my new job very seriously – looking after the Import containers arriving into Tilbury from Asia was a big job you know! With an inquisitive brain and a real hunger to learn and try new things, what followed was a roller coaster 8 years holding a number of different positions with a variety of carriers and forwarding companies.

Chadd Blunt

The World’s Friendliest Freight Forwarder!

Meet Chadd

The Team That Makes It All Work:

Please allow me to introduce the soldiers behind the business. These guys and girls are the real stars of the the show. Their dedication and expertise is what makes our wheels go round and ensures your cargo gets where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

This is the team that’s here for you each day. On hand to deal with your enquiries, manage your bookings, answer your questions and pretty much handle anything you throw at them! There is nothing these guys don’t know about the international movement of goods.

It’s our mission to make your life easier so I encourage you to make the most of them. They’re here to help you.

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