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Ever been shouted at in the Chinese Embassy? I have… I recently completed another trip to Asia

As you know, a big part of my role here at Millennium Cargo is to travel to different countries, meeting with suppliers, clients and other freight forwarders. While I do love to travel, it’s not just a jolly. It’s a key part of how we ensure that your goods are in the safest hands as they make their way around the world. But travel does require a level of organisation – and documentation. So a trip to the Chinese embassy was in order to get my visa sorted. 

I hopped on the train (you heard about my train trip with the kiddies a couple of weeks ago!) and made my way to London. When I arrived at the embassy, it was heaving. Super busy with a long queue to register your arrival. I did what every good Brit does, and took my place in an orderly fashion at the back of the queue. That’s when I heard the shouting. 

At first, I thought there was trouble. I half expected security to come running. But then I realised it was an embassy employee who was tasked with telling people where to go, and he was just being funny. 

Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually expect lighthearted fun and humour in a government building of any kind. This guy had a job to do, and he was finding a way to make it more enjoyable for everyone. He was laughing, smiling and chatting with people – while also directing them and keeping things running smoothly. 

We got chatting and he told me he’s from Nigeria, and has been a keen Arsenal supporter since he arrived here in the UK. He was the life and soul of the embassy, and even the staff were laughing with him. They told me they love the energy he brings to his “meet and greet” role and on his days off they really miss him. 

A week later I returned to pick up my visa. And there he was, still laughing, joking and shouting his way through his day. He remembered my name, welcomed me and wished me well for my journey.

Now, I’ve been to a lot of places, and I have to say, this guy is probably the best representative of any department that I’ve ever met. 

So I guess the question is, how do you meet and greet your visitors in your business?

Do you have a designated person assigned to make them feel welcome? Do they make them feel comfortable and relaxed? Do they use humour, wit and fun to make the visit more enjoyable?

Because we all know, first impressions really do stick with you… …