Potholes are a problem wherever you live.

Dec 2021

You’re driving down the road, singing along to your favourite Ed Sheeran or even Slipknot song when BANG! Your wheel hits a pothole.

You screw your face up, hoping beyond hope that the bang was just the sound of your wheel hitting a hole and that there’s no damage done except to your eardrums…

But a few more feet down the road you realise you’re not so lucky…

The car wobbles along as your tyre – and your optimism – deflates and you accept that your day will now be spent changing tyres and swearing at the local council about the potholes.

 Well, I thought we had it bad, until I learned that in Hawaii, the average time it takes to repair a pothole is 173 days! With the hot and wet climate, potholes are a real problem there. But one pissed off resident has come up with a solution. He’s been planting palm trees in the potholes, to ensure that drivers see them coming and avoid them!

 Apparently “Each plant will be placed in a pothole with enough soil and fertiliser to keep it going for up to a year, and any fruit the trees yield will be free for the public to enjoy.” Now, I’m not sure this’ll stick. But I love his way of thinking… He’s thought outside of the box.

 How many times when you’re faced with a problem have you felt like there was nothing you could do? How many times have you exhausted all the usual solutions, only to admit defeat? Well, next time you’re in that predicament, don’t despair – just remember the pothole palm trees and start thinking outside of the box?