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Are you using your army?

As you probably already know, a couple of months ago I attended a network in Bali. We try to get out to a few of these every year so we can meet new people, make new connections and catch up with some old friends too. At this particular network, they had something that caught my attention – a bright orange colour scheme. 

Now, as an avid football fan, every time I saw someone in the bright orange kit, I couldn’t help but think about the Orange Army – or for you non-footie people – the Dutch football team fans. Wherever in the world they go, The Netherlands football team is followed by a swathe of orange-clad football fans, there to show their support. If you’ve ever been to a game you’ll know it’s like a sea of orange, taking over half the stadium. 

Now the national flag for the Netherlands is red, white and blue. So I know what you’re thinking… why orange? Well, apparently orange is the colour of the Dutch Royal Family and the national colour of The Netherlands. It’s quite a sight, I have to say. A whole army of orange dominating the crowds. It’s got to feel good to know that you’ve got a whole army of people cheering you on and there to support you. 

Now, I’m not a footballer, and I suspect that you’re not either. But I bet you have an army of fans too. A collection of people who will cheer you on and support you in your goals. 

So here’s a question for you. When did you last reach out and ask them for support? When did you last pick up the phone and ask someone for a referral? Or some help with a challenge you’re facing? As business owners, we’re notorious for doing it all on our own. We’re trailblazers. Leaders. We take the responsibility of our business’ success and place it firmly on our own shoulders. But you don’t have to do it alone. Use your army. Reach out to your network and ask them for what you need. Most people actually LOVE to help people. It makes them feel valued (and warm and fuzzy on the inside).

So in keeping with the theme this week, I’d like to ask you – who do you know that could benefit from Millennium’s services? I’d sure appreciate an introductions…