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not again chadd …

september 2022

Hi again all, Chadd here. I know what you’re thinking… you don’t usually hear from me on a Friday!

But I’ve got something exciting to share with you this week…

We know that freight can be confusing, overwhelming and frustrating.

So we’re doing our bit to take the stress out of moving your goods by helping you to understand how things really work in the magical world of freight (and some of the crazy jargon too!) Our knowledge Base is now live and it’s packed full of super helpful blogs just for you…

This month’s topics include:

Why Have Freight Prices Gone Up?

Bill Of Lading – What Is It, Why Does It Matter & How Do You Get One?

Air Freight Vs Sea Freight – Which Should You Choose?

Shipping Hazardous Goods – Where To Start?

Just click the links to read them now – and hit reply if you’ve got any questions you’d like us to answer or suggestions for next month’s articles! That’s all from me for now,