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I might be wrong…

september 2023

But I think summer is officially over.​

This past week we’ve seen it all… 30-degree heatwaves. Torrential rain. Wind. And then cracking thunderstorms all over the UK with hundreds of lightning bolts lighting up the sky.

Today we’ve settled on what I like to call “English Grey” weather.

It’s a kind of nothing weather where the sky is a bland grey and everything looks dull. And that’s probably how it will stay for the next few months until winter really sets in. 

It got me thinking… did I make the most of the summer? This year I’ve travelled for work, making my way to Asia and the Middle East to meet with clients, attend networks and keep building those important relationships with clients, suppliers and friends. But I’ve also taken a few holidays too. Just a few weeks ago I took my usual annual family holiday in Lanzarote. Just me, the wife and one of the “kids” this year but it was a great chance to relax. 

As a business owner, I get to control my own working days and hours. I can take holiday whenever I want to (well, that’s the theory at least!) and I do try to make the most of this. 

In the UK it’s not just the business owners who get to take annual leave. Every employee is entitled to paid holiday too. Statutory annual leave in the UK averages between 20 – 28 days a year, including Bank Holidays. But I know that’s not the case everywhere… Some countries have much more (as many as 53 paid holiday days a year so I’m told!) and some have much less… In the USA there’s no statutory requirement for paid holidays at all! 

As a business owner, I am firmly in favour of annual holiday pay.  Yes, it’s a little bit awkward to have a member of staff missing for a week or two. Yes, it’s paying for a job that isn’t being done. But as you know, at Millennium, we’re all about the people. We love to support people and help them create successful, happy lives. And I believe that time off work is an important part of that. 

How about you? Does your country have statutory annual leave? How many days paid vacation do you have to provide? Do you think it’s a good thing or a big fat inconvenience?

I’d love to hear your views…