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The success of any professional relationship relies on the quality of the communication.

In the freight industry, there are many ways in which communication can become muddied and unclear, which can contribute to delays and frustration.

In this blog, we’re going to share easily implemented communication tips so you can ensure you and your freight partner enjoy a lasting and uncomplicated relationship.

Good Planning and Preparation

A huge part of nurturing effective communication with your freight forwarder is putting time and effort into prepping information.

Shipment Details

Kick your working relationship off on the right foot by having all the details you need at hand when you first speak to them. What are you shipping? Where is it coming from and going to, and when do you need it to get there?

Understanding your role and what your freight forwarder will need from you, like accurate descriptions, weight and volume specifics and special handling information, helps you to get on the same page early and hold the same achievable expectations. 

Providing this extensive information upfront means the quoting stage is much faster and infinitely more accurate, a benefit to both of you. There’s nothing more frustrating for a freight forwarder than putting together a complex quote only to find out the timescales make it impossible, and a new one needs to be done!

Know The Rules

Having an understanding of any specific rules and regulations around your cargo will make the quoting process simpler and easier to understand. Are you shipping dangerous goods? What about livestock? Different countries have different rules about shipping specific goods, so do your homework before you ask a forwarder for a quote and develop effective communication with your freight forwarder right from the start.

Have Open Comms

Freight forwarders don’t need a daily catch-up, but keeping in touch is really helpful. 

If anything changes with timescales or locations, passing the information on as quickly as possible means we can be proactive in adapting solutions and ensuring your cargo gets where it needs to be on time. 

It’s best to appoint a sole point of contact for effective communication with your freight forwarder. When different individuals contact us regarding a shipment, messaging is easily muddied, and things can quickly go south. Too many chefs and all that!

When you contact us, don’t be afraid to ask questions. We love to help! Getting answers when you need them means we can get it right faster and better meet your needs. 

Here are some topics you might want to ask us about…

Insurance Cover

Don’t know what you’re covered for? Ask! Most shipments get delivered to their destination in one piece, but accidents and incidents can happen. Let us help you ensure your shipment is protected during transit.

Fastest Modes

Need your cargo with your customer, like, yesterday? We can hunt down the speediest route and mode combination to make sure your goods get where they need to be as quickly as possible.

Additional Measures

There are special measures we can arrange for particular shipments. Special deliveries? Accompanied freight? We’ve got you covered. 

Further to all of that, we’re here to help. If you don’t have the information or documentation you need, tell us. We might be able to point you in the right direction.

Be Transparent

Always, always, always be honest with us about the value and contents of your shipment. (That’s right! Some people try and get things cheaper by undervaluing, and yes, it is indeed a terrible plan).

Effective communication with your freight forwarder comes with collaboration, and collaboration with our clients works best when we have trust. We have a huge depth of expertise and can offer valuable advice when it comes to tricky shipping logistics like clearing customs and minimising costs, among other things.

And to help us help you better, provide us with constructive feedback where necessary. Highlighting any irks helps us refine our customer experience and improve processes for everyone involved. 

Work Proactively

At Millennium, we are quick to update our clients on situation changes or potential delays. In the meantime, why not check to see if there are tracking options for your shipments? This saves you from calling for updates. 

Another way you can proactively engage in effective communication with your freight forwarder is to call us in advance of upcoming shipments.

More time = more options, and this helps us to plan and prioritise efficiently. 

Sometimes, significant global events have a huge impact on shipping worldwide, so we would like you to work with us and put together a contingency plan. Whilst this is rarely needed, we want all eventualities covered, just in case. 

Expert Tips for Effective Communication with Your Freight Forwarder

Effective Communication Builds Strong Relationships

With strong, clear and consistent communication, the dynamic between us and our clients is valuable and easy. You bring opportunities for us, and we bring huge amounts of expertise and consistent reliability. 

We need each other! And when you forge a partnership with this co-existence in mind, it can be a strong and enduring one.

Effective communication with your freight forwarder makes the whole process easier. For everyone involved. It’s a two-way street, requiring forethought and clarity to ensure your shipments are handled well and operations run smoothly.

Searching for a friendly, dependable forwarder? Look no further. Get in touch with Millennium today.