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The term digital freight forwarding sounds super techy and cool, doesn’t it?

You can just imagine your cargo defying the laws of logic and zapping through cables at lightspeed. Sadly, freight isn’t quite there yet… But digital freight forwarding is still super handy. 

At Millennium, we like to be at the forefront of innovation, using new developments to improve what we do. Cargo shipping has been around for hundreds of years, but the modern age has brought some advances that have made the process more reliable and speedy.

Read on to find out how and why we’re embracing digital freight forwarding.

What Is Digital Freight Forwarding?

Traditional freight forwarding does things the old-fashioned way, using pen and paper and manual tracking to get your goods from their origin to their destination. But this approach no longer serves the shipping industry because it is so labour-intensive, not to mention reliant on paper trails worldwide. 

Digital freight forwarding brings the shipping and logistics sector into the digital age, replacing conventional freight forwarding processes with automated, digitised processes. 

Utilising modern technology in this way makes room for much more streamlined operations and simplifies even the most basic of forwarding tasks; think instant quotes, automated paperwork and much better visibility.  

What a breath of fresh air!

How Does This Affect You?

You might be wondering what exactly digital freight forwarding has to do with you and your business. What impact will you see?

Well, keep reading, because we’re about to tell you. 

More Control

Conventional forwarding processes don’t allow for the forwarder or the client to have much control over what happens once the consignment leaves its destination. 

Digital freight forwarding, on the other hand, provides peace of mind because even when faced with a delay, you can have eyes on the situation. Managing a delay is far easier when you don’t have to try and locate the cargo in the first place. 

Efficient Tracking

Not knowing where your cargo is can be incredibly frustrating. 

Digital freight forwarding enables a client to quickly and efficiently track their cargo at any point of its journey. This improves communication throughout the supply chain, keeping customers happy and reputations gleaming.

Faster Processes

Bringing freight forwarding processes into the realms of modern technology streamlines the whole experience – from obtaining a quote, to submitting payment and beyond… Even making clearing customs a breeze. And all with the click of a couple of buttons.

Reduced Paperwork

There are so many important documents required at different points of a shipment’s journey that it can be hard to keep track of them – and even harder to ensure they are compiled and completed correctly. Incorrect or missing paperwork can cause huge delays and eat into your hard-earned cash whilst you try and obtain the missing licenses, certificates or other crucial documents.

With digital platforms and smart apps ready and waiting to do the work for you and meet all of your freight-related needs, paperwork requirements are almost nil and documentation is automated, saving you time and effort as well as looking after the planet.

Dependable And Reliable

With no old-school files and folders to keep safe and no handwriting to try and decipher, digital freight forwarding makes shipping services even more dependable because all necessary documents and contracts are accessible from anywhere at any time.

Cost Savings

Freight forwarding is complicated, and the way we’ve always done it involves multiple intermediaries. And extra people mean extra costs. 

Digital freight forwarding removes the need for these roles, bringing down overall expenses that would have been incurred due to admin, communication and all that documentation. 

How Does Digital Freight Forwarding Work?

Digital freight forwarding platforms work as central intermediaries, forming a base where all data and documentation can be shared and exchanged. This is what the digital process looks like:

1. Online Booking

Businesses looking for shipping solutions can quickly and easily input shipment information and get immediate quotes. 

2. Documentation

Looking after shipping documentation is a big task. Digital platforms allow documents to be generated, stored and shared automatically, removing the need for laborious manual documentation processes. 

3. Choosing A Carrier

Carrier profiles are visible for businesses to browse and compare. Transit time, service quality and rates are all listed for informed decision-making.

4. Tracking

Technologies like GPS and RFID enable businesses to keep track of their goods.

The Role Of Data In Digital Freight Forwarding

Digital freight forwarding uses data to optimise customer experience.  Here are some of the ways data helps digital freight forwarding…

Route Optimisation

Business intelligence tools can analyse factors such as distance, journey times and even carrier performance to help you select the best combination of carrier and route. 

Real-Time Tracking

Data-based shipment tracking gives you the ability to trace and monitor the location of incoming and outgoing shipments. Digital platforms provide companies with full visibility, meaning businesses can make informed, real-time decisions and reduce supply chain disruption.

digital freight4

Automated Paperwork Checks

The smallest of human errors can cause substantial delays in the shipping industry. 

Digital platforms leverage data to automate tasks like generating bills of lading, handling insurance certificates, and managing customs clearance, saving time and resources for both forwarders and customers.

Improved Customer Service

Accumulated data helps to tailor the experience of returning customers. Through the analysis of customer data and shipment patterns, digital forwarders like us can provide personalised solutions, tailored quotes and needs-specific services. 

Digital Freight Forwarding Brings Shipping Up To Speed

The digital age has changed many things for the better, and freight is one of them!

Make way for smarter, faster shipping processes. With digital freight forwarding, forwarders can meet the needs of their customers better than ever before, and clients can improve supply chain management thanks to streamlined processes and heavily improved visibility all round.

Do you want to know more about digital freight forwarding? Perhaps you have a tricky shipment that you need assistance with. Millennium is here to help. Visit our website to get in touch with us today.