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Dancing In A Nightie With The Druids…

june 2022

Ever dressed up in a nightie and pranced around Stonehenge with a bunch of hippies and druids? Nope, me neither.

But every year on 21st June hundreds of people flock to these ancient stones to celebrate the summer solstice. The longest day of the year, the start of summer.

Now, I’m no great believer in witchcraft, wizardry or paganism, but the summer solstice does always play an important part in my year.

It reminds me that time’s slipping by. That the year is halfway gone and the opportunity to achieve my 2022 goals is getting smaller and smaller. Blink and it’ll be Christmas.

But here’s a big question for you – when did you last look at your goals? If you’re like most business owners, you probably spent a good few hours or days sitting around in your Christmas jumper last year mapping out all the big hairy goals you were going to achieve in 2022. Then we rang in the New Year and went back to work.

You might have started off well, but as the weeks and months ebbed on, your goals slipped down the list of priorities. The day to day running of the business took over your attention and time slipped by. Before your know it, the druids and hippies are celebrating summer and you’ve not looked at your goals, assessed your progress or recalibrated since February.

So here’s a little challenge for you. If you’re serious about success, and I’m sure many of you are, then block out 30 minutes in your calendar every week from now until Christmas. Spend that 30 minutes assessing your goals, checking you’re moving towards them, planning your next steps and recalibrating if you’ve gone off track. Come the New Year, I bet you’ll see more progress and better success than you’ve ever seen before…

So what about you? Do you have any goal setting tips that have had a massive impact on your success? I’d love to hear them…