Where’s The Silver Lining?

As you know, I love a good holiday.

Every year we pack our bags and spend a couple of weeks away with the family in a nice resort.

All-inclusive, great weather, a nice pool and beers on tap…

But this year is going to be a little different.

As summer fast approaches many borders are still closed. Travel is much trickier.

While some countries are slowly opening up to tourism, others are being more cautious.

And some are opening their borders to all except us Brits! (Thanks Boris…)

Recently, one of our freight partners in Indonesia sent me a photo of what air travel is currently like in Indonesia – full hazmat suits and face masks!

To top it off there’s a 14 day quarantine in place for anyone arriving in the country- my holiday would be done and dusted before I’d be allowed to step foot out of my hotel room!

Now, I know it’s desperate times and desperate times call for desperate measures. But I can’t see tourism returning while the restrictions are still so extreme?

I know I won’t be hopping on a plane anytime soon!

But that leads to another interesting question – is COVID going to lead to a boom in UK based tourism?

Will all the families who usually go abroad for their summer holiday find alternatives at home and spend their tourism cash here?

I think that’s very likely. As soon as lockdown is lifted enough to allow a UK break the hotels, Airbnbs and holiday homes will be in high demand.

This got me thinking.

You know the saying, “every cloud has a silver lining” and I truly believe that – but it’s been a little tough to see the silver lining on this huge, looming COVID cloud!

But perhaps there’s some big positives hiding just around the corner. Perhaps other industries may flourish and grow in this new, crazy post-pandemic world?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see…