What’s That Smell?

We move all kinds of weird and wonderful things.

From jet engines and jukeboxes to bucketloads of noodle sauce.

Last month, we helped a regular customer of ours to import some fancy-schmancy pianos.

Now, I get to meet all kinds of super-cool people in this business, but this customer has lead one hell of a rock’n’roll life.

Back in the day, he starred in a 1970s psych band, he toured the world working a bass player for Cat Stevens and was a global popstar living the dream for many years.

Now, he’s still passionate about music but he makes his money importing and selling top of the range, high-quality and unique musical instruments – like the pianos.

So the pianos we moved weren’t just any old pianos. They’re £30,000 worth of piano imported all the way from Japan.

As you’d imagine, the whole process went seamlessly.

The pianos left Japan, made their way across the world safely and arrived at their destination on time and in excellent condition. Everything you’d expect from Millennium Cargo.

But there’s one problem. The pianos absolutely stink.

Not “been cooped up in a container” kinds of smell, but absolutely nose-offending, stinky, stenchy stench that just won’t budge.

He’s absolutely baffled.

The container doesn’t smell – so that’s not the cause – and despite being aired for several weeks the stink just isn’t improving.

They smell so bad, in fact, that he’s having to make an insurance claim because they just can’t be sold!

He’s had the experts in – environmentalists and forensic analysts are baffled. They just can’t work out where the smell is coming from.

Is it the wood? The packaging? The strings? Who knows!!!

Or is it some kind of supernatural force? A really stinky ghost perhaps?

It’s a mystery that’s yet to be solved.

So I thought I’d put it out there to you guys – my experts all around the world. Any ideas?

There’s no prizes for the winner but I’d love to see what causes you can think of – or hear any stinky stories you have of your own?