This week marks an important time in British history


A day we’ve all been eagerly awaiting. After 5 long months of closure – the pubs are finally allowed to reopen!


But only outside.


I’m not 100% clear on the rules, but I will do my best to explain them to you…


You can go to the pub, but only outside.


You can go inside the pub, to get to the outside.


You can sit in an inside area – but only if it’s outside (like a marquee).


You can go inside and walk past the bar to go to the toilets, but you must not carry a drink back with you from the bar – it’s only safe for a waitress to carry drinks inside the pub.


Initially, the government said you had to pay outside, but now you can go inside to pay but you must go back outside to drink – and the waitress must again carry the drink for you.


You can sit with 6 people that you don’t live with, as long as you are outside or in the inside outside area.


Unlike in the summer, it’s now safe to drink a pint without eating a scotch egg – it’s also ok to stay out past 10pm. 


Clear as mud.


Despite the crazy-complicated rules and freezing cold weather, the pub gardens will still be packed this week.


But there’s a good lesson to learn in all this ridiculousness.


Simplicity matters.


As a business owner, it’s your job to lead your team and keep your business running smoothly. If your systems, processes and plans are ever-changing or overly complicated then you’re setting them up for failure.


If the goalposts in your business are ever moving, if the processes are too long, complex or confusing then your team will be sure to fall short of the mark.


They’ll miss deadlines. They’ll drop balls. They’ll fail to innovate and they’ll blame someone else when things go wrong.


Simplicity seems to be a term our Prime Minister doesn’t quite understand. I wrote a little while ago about the mixed messages good old Bojo, was giving the country.


Go to work. Don’t go to work. Stay home. Go to work. He’s got a knack for making things as confusing as possible…


So, how simple are your systems? What can you do to streamline them and make them so simple, even BoJo could explain them?