After a long, hot summer and with Christmas just around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to talk about focus. As a business owner, there is no one telling you what to do and when to do it. There is no one holding you accountable or kicking your ass when you miss a deadline.

A lot of the time this is great! You’re the boss! You call the shots and you decide what you do and when.

But with this freedom, comes some challenges. When you’ve no one to be accountable to, it can be easy to lose focus and get distracted, especially when exciting things are going on in the world -Like an unprecedented 4-month heatwave that the UK hasn’t seen in decades.

I’m a big fan of a barbie and a beer like anyone else, and I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t tempted to blow work off a few times and hang out in the sunshine this summer. But even though we may never see a summer like it again, I held my focus, got my head down and kept cracking on with the business.

But how do I stay so focused when temptation rears its ugly head?

It’s simple. I have crystal clear goals. I know what needs to happen to reach them and I understand the power of momentum. One afternoon off a few times over the summer may not seem like much, but it compounds. It all adds up and it pushes me further away from my target. It slows my progress down and it takes more time and effort to get that momentum back up.

Now it might seem strange to be talking about this when the sunshine has left us and we’re bringing out the fireworks. But the next distracting season is fast approaching.

I love Christmas, but it has a knack for seeping into the weeks and months beforehand, disrupting business and distracting you from your core focus. I’m not suggesting you take a Scrooge approach this year, but instead just be aware and make your choices consciously. Do you really need to go for those pre-Christmas drinks on a Tuesday? How will that impact your progress on Wednesday (and probably Thursday if you’re over 25!)

Celebrate and enjoy the Christmas season, but be sure you know what price you’re paying and that it’s worth distracting you from your goals and losing your momentum.