A Taste Of What’s To Come…

With Christmas over and new year just beginning I always think it’s the perfect time to reflect, give thanks and get some clarity on what we want the next 12 months to bring.

The shipping industry has had to a lot to contend with in 2017. It’s been a rollercoaster ride as always.

From the major cyber-attack that nearly took down MAERSK to the some of the worst hurricanes on record. We’ve battled killer snails, alien ants and seen our way through one of the biggest major alliance shake ups to ever happen in the industry. (Watch this space as there’s more shake ups to come in 2018!).

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Some pretty cool stuff has happened too. Early in the year we saw the first freight train to travel all the way from China to the UK. The world’s largest container ship launched…then another one superseded it shortly after!

Millennium has had a cracking year too. Mainly ups, with a few downs I am happy to put behind me. Like nearly getting kidnapped in China!

We’ve been ISO and IIP re-accredited, we’ve had a little facelift with a new website and social media presence. We’ve been to Hollywood, spent some time learning from big business celebs and we’ve even celebrated our 21st birthday.

So, what’s to come in 2018?

Well I can’t predict the future but there are whispers of another big alliance shake up in the running.

More personally we’ve exciting ideas for Millennium, with a big expansion plan ready to roll out. We’ll be making some new friends and taking on some new partners overseas, so we can continue to take great care of you and your goods. We’ll be hopefully acquiring up 2-3 smaller freight forwarders and introducing 5 larger manufacturers to the business too – perhaps you could be one of them?

I will be continuing my freight forwarding activities and my Mentoring, Coaching and Consulting. Along with partaking in some strategic reviews for more regional offices, as we look to expand outside of Birmingham.

I’m a big believer that you’ve got to have solid goals if you plan to achieve them. So, what are your plans for 2018? I’d love to hear them.