Overseas Partners

Can You Honestly Call Your Overseas Partners ‘Partners’?

Let’s work together to make moving your client’s goods easier.

Here at Millennium Cargo we’re keen to work with other freight forwarders all over the world. Become one of our overseas partners and you’ll get:

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    Easier Access to Our Trade Routes

    Saving you time and making moving your client’s goods easier

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    Fast and Reliable Replies

    Fed up with companies who don’t reply to your enquiries? We’re different. We promise to come back to you fast, usually within just 2 hours

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    Excellent Rates

    We’ll make sure you get the best attainable market rates all the time, every time

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    A Partner You Can Trust

    We’ll be honest, reliable and never make false promises

“If you’re looking for a partner you can trust, then you’re in the right place. Here at Millennium Cargo we’re dedicated to building solid relationships with other suppliers and helping you move more of your client’s goods faster and hassle free”

By becoming one of our overseas partners we can work together, combining both of our resources and knowledge to provide your clients with a better service and make both our businesses run smoother.

With over 100 years’ experience between the team and fully accredited by BIFA, Investor in People and ISO 9001, you can be sure that if you work with Millennium Cargo you’ll get an overseas partner you can really trust to deliver.

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At Boogie Bounce have been importing our own branded equipment into the UK for just over two years. I think we were very lucky to find Millennium Cargo right at the outset. They have made the whole process of handling the import documentation, dealing with the VAT and any other duties totally painless and their haulage service has been brilliant. We know when they say that the goods will be delivered next Wednesday at 8.30 am that that is exactly what will happen and we can plan accordingly. Top service and a great bunch of very helpful people.

Andy Male. Boogie Bounce Xtreme Ltd.