One Of The Many Perks Of The Job…

Last week I had the privilege of being invited to go to Birmingham Airport for a “behind the scenes” tour of Qatar Airways.

It’s quite exciting times for Birmingham Airport. Over the last few years they have made some massive progress. They now operate two flights a day to Dubai with Emirates on their A380 Airbus, the super jumbo double decker, and are proud to offer flights with both Lufthansa and Qatar Airways – the world’s only two 5* rated airlines operating from BHX Airport !

It seems like Birmingham is on the way up!

But that’s not all that they have planned.

Over the next 15 years they have a huge renovation scheduled. I’m not quite sure what it entails but I’m excited to find out. As you know, I am a big fan of anything transport, especially if it makes my trips overseas quicker and easier!

The tour was organised by the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce. It was a small affair with just 5 of us and the guide, so I was pleased as punch to be chosen for it.

Now, as it turns out, I flew on this airline from Birmingham just a few months ago when I made my trip to Doha for the MGLN Conference. But I was quite excited for this experience all the same.

We started out in the terminal and went through the whole process, from check in right through to boarding the plane. We even got to take a look around the cockpit.

I had a whale of a time! My only slight grumble was that we didn’t make it into the cargo hold, but I guess that’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

It was a fab day and an experience I am grateful for. Working in freight can be hard. It’s long hours, high-pressure and at times downright exhausting. But it’s the little, unusual perks like this that help keep a smile on my face.

What unusual opportunities has your career path brought you? I’d love to hear about them.