No Laughing Matter…

I was hoping after three years of uncertainty, that this week I’d be finally able to answer some questions about how Brexit will affect the freight industry.

But it seems that the “Hokey Cokey” mess that we’ve been caught in for the last few years is still ongoing, with no solid answers in sight.

The country has been divided, with Brexiteers on one side and Remainers on the other. But it seems the one thing we can all agree on is that the handling of Brexit has been a joke.

So instead of boring you with more useless, inconclusive “We’re not sure how Brexit will affect us” information, I thought I’d send you a real joke to laugh at.

We could all do with a good laugh right now, preferably not at our expense!

So here you go…

Three sailors are discussing their cargo. They are used to transporting goods and make a good living doing so, this time however they’ve been tasked with taking 300 boxes of penis shaped potatoes across the channel and they all think it’s a joke.

“Let’s tell the captain that we’ve decided not to go” says one of the sailors.

The captain hears them out but ultimately disagrees and informs them that they’ll be going ahead with the journey.

“But we’ve got you outvoted 3 to 1” the sailors cried in unison.

“You fools” said the captain “you’re all forgetting one thing!”

“That this isn’t a democracy…”

“It’s a dick tater ship!”

That’s’ all for now…