My Superpower

I’ve lived in The Midlands for a long time.

My whole life in fact.

When you’re a friendly chap like me and you’ve spent a lot of time in one area, you make a lot of friends.

As you know, I love what I do. I love working in freight and helping my customers move their goods around the world. But it’s not often I get to combine my work with my friends here in Brum.

Making freight easy is kind of my superpower.

I know, I know – not the most exciting superpower around. I doubt I’ll be joining the Umbrella Academy any time soon!

But I especially love it when I get to use my superpower to help a friend.

One of my local buddies owns a few bars and nightclubs in Birmingham. The last few months have, of course, been terrible for him. Unable to open. Forbidden from trading.

But he’s not one to mope, so instead, he’s looking to the future. Preparing for the day he can open his doors again and start generating some revenue.

Before the lockdown part of his plan was to import two huge flatscreen TVs for a rooftop bar in time for the Euros.

I mean, really huge. 30ft long beasts.

Despite the lockdown (and the Euros getting cancelled this year), he’s still going full steam ahead.

Of course, if you want giant tech like this at a good price then the place to go is China.

But moving giant, very fragile and expensive goods from one side of the world to the other can be tricky. Luckily he knew just who to call…

Millennium took care of everything for him, trusting our freight partners to bring his mega-TVs across the seas safely.

The TVs arrived on schedule and in perfect condition – of course. And I have to say they really do look the bomb.

I can’t wait to watch a Villa game on them when the restrictions lift.

Now, I’m not just telling you this to toot my own horn (Although I do like a bit of horn-tooting!) It’s got a bit of a feel-good purpose to it too.

You see, although we work with clients all over the world. And I LOVE the variety that brings. It’s nice to every once in a while be able to help out a local Brummie business owner too. Especially in such challenging times.

So how about you? Have you done anything to support local recently?