Are you Instagram famous?

A couple of weeks ago me and the family took a little holiday.

We were supposed to go to Lanzarote like we do every year, but Covid knocked that plan on the head when our flights got cancelled just 24 hours after we booked them.

I was desperate to get away so I booked the next best thing I could find… a package holiday in Greece.

Now, we usually go for privacy – book a nice villa away from the crowds – no fighting over the sunbeds and no sharing your pool with the drunkards. Well, only the drunkards you brought with you anyway!

But beggars can’t be choosers, so we ended up staying in a hotel resort.

Now, this was a nice resort in a nice part of Greece. In fact, rumour had it that Mollie Mae and Tommy Fury were staying just a few doors down.

The rooms were lovely, the food was great and the drinks kept flowing. There was just one problem: it was FULL of young people.

Almost everyone around the pool was aged between 20-35. All fit, toned and tanned.

Then there was Chadd.

So I’m sat on my sun lounger, enjoying my beer when my daughter Keeley says,

“Dad, you see that guy there? He plays semi-pro basketball. He is vegan too.”

“And you see that girl there? She models for Nike and she’s got a Chihuahua named ChiChi”

“And him? He’s an Instagram Influencer. He’s got over 10 million followers.”

This continued for most of the day. Eventually, I started to wonder how she knew so much about these “strangers” that we were sharing our hotel with?

I should have figured it out of course.


She’d searched the hotel’s hashtag and found everyone posting pics of their holibobs.

From there she’d been able to check out their profiles and do a little bit of internet snooping. It’s amazing what you can find out!

But what about the freight forwarders of the world? I feel we’re a little bit under-represented.

So I thought we’d have a little fun this week and see if we can get freight forwarding on the Instagram map.

I’ll need a little help from you guys…

Grab your phones and open up your Instagram app. If you don’t have one it’s time to change that.

Take a quick snap of my photo in this email and share it with the hashtags #makechaddfamous

Let’s see if Instagram fame is reserved only for the young and beautiful or if this fourty-something year old, rotund Brummie can get some love too…