Just Launch It Mate…

I was chatting to a friend the other day.

She was telling me about her latest delivery drama. One of her services is to provide white LED starlit dance floors for weddings. But the power pack for the floor had broken and they had just a few days before their next event.

So she ordered a replacement, paying extra for next day delivery.

The next day came.

Her parcel didn’t.

Then the day after came.

Her parcel still didn’t.

So she phoned the courier who helpfully informed her that her parcel had been delivered yesterday.

It hadn’t.

A frustrating conversation followed. With the courier insisting it had been delivered and signed for. And my friend insisting it hadn’t.

Eventually, the courier sent over a photo of the signature. It was her name, but signed by someone else! A forgery!

She later found out that the courier couldn’t find her house, so the cheeky bugger had literally thrown the parcel over the wall of another house down the road and forged her signature!

Now, I’d love to say that this is an unusual story. But it’s not. Pretty much everyone has a story of missing or damaged deliveries.

I’ve always wondered why local couriers get it so wrong?

If you’re in freight, delivering to the place it’s supposed to be going, without breaking it, is kind of the basics!

This same friend was able to shed a little light on it for me.

Her husband has recently picked up some extra work as a driver for one of the big UK courier companies.

On his first day on the job he’d been instructed to help load up a van with hundreds of boxes of laptops and PCs.

A few minutes into it, the guy in charge of training him came over and introduced himself. He said they had a certain way of working there and that there was no need to be so careful.

He literally told him “To feel free to just launch it mate!” while grabbing boxes of computer gear and throwing them into the van!

With an attitude like this, it’s easy to see why things get broken!

But when you’re sending goods with us, you don’t have to worry.

Here at Millennium Cargo, we only use suppliers and carriers that we know and trust. We only work with companies who are dedicated to delivering an excellent service and taking care of your goods as they make their way around the world.