I’ve got a confession to make

Chadd’s Chatter

I’ve got a confession to make.

I’m going on holiday again.

I know I only just returned, but we had such a wonderful time in Lanzarote that we decided to make the most of it and head back for another couple week’s.

The kids are growing up fast and I intend to make the most of the little time we have left with them.

I love going on holiday, but I actually love booking them too! There is so much to learn from cheap airlines.

Now, I love a bit of luxury, but when I’m flying short haul I want a good deal.

My old favourite, Monarch Airlines, went bust last year so when we went to Lanzarote last month we flew with Jet2.

When it comes to upsells, they’ve got it nailed.

I search for my flights, and some good options pop up. The right airports, good times and reasonable prices.

But before I can even add my extras, a pop up window arrives, showing me just how much more I’d get if I booked a whole holiday through them. Very clever.

I don’t want a hotel this time, I know where I’m going so I close the window.

Next, I’m asked if I want to add baggage? Sports equipment? Do I want to reserve set seats? What about an in flight meal? Or how about a package deal that includes all of them and saves me some money?

Every step of the way they are asking me to buy more.

Insurance. Car hire. Transfers.

They’re not shy. They’ve made it easy to buy and they’re not afraid to ask for the sale.

By then end of the process I’ve spent twice as much as the original quote!

It’s genius!

So that got me thinking. Most businesses don’t offer upsells nearly enough. In fact a lot of businesses don’t even have an upsell!

So what about you? Do you have upgrades or other products to offer your customers? Do you have a set process that offers them every time they buy from you?

Let me know and share your offers, products and services, don’t be shy you never know – I may well know someone who is interested buying from you…