It’s Not Pink, It’s Magenta

As a proud Brummie, I always get a bit excited when I can boast about my home town.

Last month I attended Multi Modal 2019. It you’re not familiar with it, Multimodal is a trade show for everything freight. It’s a little bit different to some of the other shows I go to, because this one isn’t just shipping, but instead brings together a wider range of companies, from packaging and print, to logistics and software solutions.

It’s a great opportunity to network, meet new suppliers and build relationships within the industry.

Now, you know me, I’m always looking for the lesson that can be learned from every experience. And this show was no different.

It’s a huge show with over 10,000 visitors through the door. But as with all exhibitions, you’ve got to stand out if you want to catch their attention.

No one did this better thank Ocean Network Express.

They’ve recently rebranded and painted all of their ships, containers and trucks bright pink. You can’t help but notice them.

But the really great thing is that it’s opened up a dialogue. People want to know why they’ve done it? What was the reason for choosing such an ‘off the wall’ colour? If you ask them they’ll tell you “it’s not pink, it’s magenta” but that just increases the intrigue and keeps people talking.

It’s genius.

Here at Millennium we use our blogs and emails to start a conversation and make us stand out. I’m always getting told by my customers that they love my takes, stories and adages. It makes us stand out.

So what do you do in your company to stand out from the crowd?