It’s Like Black Friday All Over Again…

It seems this lockdown is really starting to shift now.

Last week the non-essential shops reopened – and after good old Boris’ announcement today – it seems I won’t have to wait too much longer before a trip to the pub!

I’ve missed the pub.

Now, I don’t watch the news. I like to keep my headspace positive and there’s nothing that will bring you down faster than 20 minutes of doom and gloom from the British media.

But I do like to keep up with current affairs, so every now and then I’ll have a quick look at the headlines online.

And sometimes, very occasionally, there will be a story that catches my eye.

Last week it was the Primark queues.

It seems people had missed their budget PJs and flip flops so much that they turned up in the hundreds and queued for hours just to get in the shop!

Some stores even had people camping out front the night before – It’s like Black Friday madness all over again!

But it got me thinking…

Primark has got this nailed.

They’ve built such a solid fan base with their customers that they are literally queuing down the street to hand over their cash.

Now, I’m not sure I’ll ever get a queue outside Millennium’s HQ – let’s be honest – freight’s just not that sexy is it?

But by delivering an excellent service – making freight easier, cheaper and less stressful – I can build a solid tribe of raving fan customers that keep coming back.

So what about you? What can you do to make your customers love you so much that they’ll happily camp out in the street to buy your stuff?

I’d love to hear your ideas…