It’s coming home

This week the bubble burst here in the UK.

After weeks of excitement, hope and anticipation, on Sunday night the England football team fought valiantly but finally admitted defeat in a penalty shoot-out in the European Championship Final.

Pubs all across the UK were filled with cheers and tears as we let go of the hope that after 55 years the cup would finally come home.

But come Monday morning the nation got up, dusted themselves off and got back to business.

Now, I know you’re not all footie fans – and if I’m honest, I’m not a big follower of the England team, I prefer supporting my own team, Aston Villa, in the English Premier league.

But there’s a lot to learn from football…

Setbacks happen. It doesn’t matter how good you are, how hard you work or how much money and support you have behind you, you will still suffer setbacks.

The England team were on point. They’d spent their whole lives training for that moment. They had the money, the resources and some may say the best management behind them – but they still lost.

About 10 years ago, we created a purpose-built football training facility to house all 28 of the England teams. The men’s team, women’s team, disability teams… everyone.

The facility boasts the best of everything.

Set across 330 acres of Staffordshire countryside, the £105 million complex boasts a range of outstanding training pitches, state-of-the-art sport science and performance facilities, a four star Hilton hotel as well as an outdoor team building complex.

It’s the Carlsberg of training locations.

But despite all this – We still didn’t bring the cup home.

So what will the England team do? Curl up and cry? Drink themselves into a catatonic state? Nope, that’s just the fans.

The football players will be back on their feet, training hard and focused on the next goal.

And that’s what you need to do too.

Covid knocked your business down? Failed to achieve your business goals? Fed up and frustrated with facing setbacks?

Dust yourself off, get back up and get better.

Train harder, work smarter and remember, in football one missed goal might lose you the cup – but in business, you always get another shot. You just need to make sure you’re ready to take it.