Is It All My Fault?

I made a mistake this week.

A simple, rookie mistake. I should have known better.

As you know, a large part of my job is travelling around the country (and the world) meeting people, building relationships and strengthening our connections.

I do this so that I can better understand our customer’s needs and be sure that we can trust the forwarders that we partner with, so we know that they will take care of your goods every step of the way.

This week I made a trip to Hereford & Worcestershire

I’ve made this trip before. I know the roads.

Single lane, country roads with no passing places and no obvious alternative routes.

I should have planned ahead.

As it turns out, good old Mr MacDonald was out cutting his hedges in his tractor.

Creeping along for metres and metres, slowly pruning away, blocking the whole road.

There was nowhere for him to pull in. No way past.

I tried Googling alternate routes.

No signal.

I tried peeking past to see if there was somewhere he could squeeze in? Nothing as far as the eye could see.

We had no choice but to wait.

It took him a full 30 minutes before he was finally and done we could move on.

You might think this isn’t my fault? How was I to know he’d be blocking the road?

I couldn’t. I but I do know that sometimes things like this happen.

I could have planned ahead.

I’ve done that route before. I know that there’s no passing places. I know that there’s no mobile signal to look for alternative routes.

I should have had a backup plan. I should have looked up alternate routes before I left the house.

Now, it’s just bad luck that Mr Maccy D was in the way. But there could have been other issues too. There could have been floods blocking the road (especially with the amount of rain we’ve had this winter!), there could have been a car broken down in the road.

The fault was totally mine.

It’s the same in business. Sure, life can throw in some curveballs – Coronavirus, hurricanes, bush fires… You can’t predict them, and you can’t stop them.

But you can always have a ‘just in case’ backup plan.

This is all the more important right now, with all the Coronavirus hype. What would happen to your business if you had to close down for quarantine? Do you have a backup plan? I’d love to hear about it.