How to Stay Strong in Uncertain Times

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last two years, you’ll know that the UK is leaving the European Union. (Well apparently but personally I am not so sure !!)

So whether you’re an optimistic Brexiter or a stout Remainer, it doesn’t really matter. If Brexit is coming, it will change things. The problem is, no one seems to know how much things will change?

With negotiations still underway and no solid proposals or agreements in place yet, there really is no knowing how Brexit will affect businesses here in the UK.

So how can we prepare? What can we do to make sure our businesses stay strong through the rough seas and comes out the other side bigger, better and more stable?

I think it comes down to values. When everything has gone to pot and the world is crashing down around you, how do you know what the right choices are? How do you ensure that your decisions today are what’s best for you or your company in the long run?

I’m a big fan of values. Values tell you what to do when nothing makes sense and there seems like there is no good option anyway. Everyone has personal values. You might never have thought about them, but they’re there. They are what govern your decisions and set your standards.

For example, one of your personal values might be honesty. You may never have thought of it like that, but if you make a point to always tell the truth and expect others in your life to behave the same, then honesty is probably one of your values.

You can usually tell what your values are by what makes you feel uncomfortable when you don’t do it. So, for a person with honesty as a value, they’ll feel icky or guilty when they tell a lie. Usually so much so that they must rectify it and go set the record straight with the person they lied to!

Our values are there to guide us in the right direction and keep us moving forward when we don’t know where to go. They’re incredibly useful in your personal life, but they can be just as useful in your business.

If you have core company values, you’ll be more able to make decisions that are in line with your goals, your purpose and your ethos. They’ll keep you on track and if you share them with your staff, it can help everyone to work together more effectively because they’re all working from the same foundations.

But how can your values steer you through the uncertain times ahead in the UK? There’s no denying that Brexit is going to push business owners to make some hard decisions. We don’t know how things will change, and I am hoping for the better, but there’s no doubt that it will affect you.

Solid values will help you to make the choices that are right for your business and your customers. Keeping you in line with your core purposed and helping ensure you’re strong through the coming storm.