How Did I Miss this?

I love to travel.

Working in the freight industry, several times a year I usually get to pack my bags and explore new and exciting places all around the world.

This year’s a little different.

Not only am I locked up at home like Rapunzel right now – but we’ve no idea of when this madness is going to end!

However, there is one thing we do know.

Air travel is seriously going to change.

There are lots of people making predictions of how commercial flying will be in future: from immunity passports, temperature checks and 2 week quarantines on arrival, to empty seats and chemical sprays that clean the aircraft.

I think we won’t know for sure until the time comes – when lockdown is lifted and borders re-opened – but I think whatever happens we’re going to see people more open to alternative ways to travel.

More people taking the channel tunnel and more people hopping on the ferry. More road trips, RV trips and even staycations.

But there is another option. A lesser-known way to travel.

Cargo ship.

Now bear with me… I’m not suggesting we package you up in a container and load you up.

You can actually travel on a cargo ship as a passenger.

You get a single or double cabin and three square meals a day. You can experience first hand what the open sea is really like and explore the different countries that the ship docks in.

If you’re looking for 5* cruise standards then it’s probably not for you – but if you’re up for an adventure then a container ship voyage may be ideal.

Now, I’ve been in the freight industry for 33 years and I’ve only just found this out!

I don’t know how I missed it but it’s on my bucket list now!

So how about you? Would a cargo ship cruise be an exciting adventure or your worst holiday nightmare?

Catch you later,

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