Dig In. Dig Deep.

ell, that changed fast.

A few short weeks ago Coronavirus was just an inconvenience impacting the freight industry from the other side of the world.

Fast forward to today and I’m writing this from my kitchen table at home.

I went to pick up a prescription the other day and it was like something out of a zombie movie!

The streets were deserted, there were warning posters all over the pharmacy and the chemists were all suited up in masks and gloves with a 2m cordon around the desk!

No more trips to the pub, no more footie matches and worst of all – we don’t know how long it will last!

I’m staying home. Doing my bit and waiting for the storm to pass.

These are hard times. And in hard times it’s important that we stick together – from a safe distance, of course!

I’ve always been grateful for the connections I have all around the world. I’ve always thought of our customers, freight partners and forwarders as friends.

But now more than ever am I really feeling the love for you all.

While I am stuck at home weathering the storm, your Whatsapp chats, emails and phone calls are bringing a little happiness into an otherwise bleak time for us all.

So I want to take a moment to celebrate you all. Every single business owner out there is going to have one hell of a rollercoaster ride in the months to come and I take my hat off to each and every one of you.

Dig in. Dig Deep. And together we’ll get through this.

With more than 23 years of business under my belt, this might be the biggest, but it isn’t the first challenge we’ve come up against.

If you need some support or an experienced pair of ears to bounce some strategies, plans and ideas off then just drop me an email. I’ll be happy to help.