Did You Hear What They’re Saying About You?

As you know, I travel a lot.

My job takes me to all four corners of the globe. From Amsterdam to Beijing, Doha to the USA.

I love this part of my job. But those of you who travel will know it can take it’s toll. Over the last 25 years I’ve discovered that there are three key things I need to be a happy traveller.

I can cope with long haul flights and jet lag. I don’t mind transfers, I’ll happily mime like fool when I don’t speak the language and I’ve no problem with heat, humidity or even cold.

But I do need a clean room, a comfortable bed and a full stomach.

If I’m travelling 18 hours for a meeting, the last thing I need is cockroaches in my room or a case of Delhi belly!

So when I’m looking for a hotel or the next place to eat, I do what any smart, 21st century man does.

I turn to Google.

I look up places nearby, then I check out the reviews. I look for a good balance of quality to quantity. Sure, a 5 star rating is great. But if there’s only 1 reviewer then how good can that place really be?

I was going through this process this morning for my next trip and it got me thinking…

Most people follow a similar strategy, no matter what their purchasing. Even freight services.

They’ll look for the companies that can provide with them with the service they need, then they check out their reviews before signing on the bottom line.

Now, I’m not going to lie. My Google profile has been left a little unloved. Hopping on Google and leaving a review is just not the type of thing that tends to pop into our customer’s minds after they send their cargo.

So I have a small favour to ask.

If you’ve ever worked with us, if we’ve helped you or even if you’ve just been enjoying my tales, stories and advice, then I’d really appreciate it if you’d hop on Google and leave us a review.

Maybe even do me a double favour and leave me a review on Linked In also

It’s really easy to do. Just click here to go do it now – It’ll take you less than 30 seconds.

Drop me a quick email and I’ll be happy to return the favour too.

Because as business owners, what people say about us really does matter.