Crying Over Spilt Milk…

We all know accidents happen.

You’ve seen the oil spills on the news and the mammoth clean up that goes on afterwards.

But while oil spills are no laughing matter, there are some other crazy cargo spillages that are little more humorous.

Rubber Ducky Disaster
In 1992 more than 29,000 rubber ducks fell out of their container ship in the Pacific Ocean. The little blighters got everywhere, with some being found as far as the Gulf of Alaska!

The Siberian Gold Rush
In March 2018, an aircraft that belonged to a private mining company had a runway accident in Siberia. The plane was carrying nine tons of doré bars, an expensive brand of gold! The cargo, worth roughly $368 million, spilt onto the runway in a gust of strong wind!

A Chocolate Dream
On May 9, 2018, a highway in Poland closed due to a tanker that overturned and spilt 12 tons of liquid chocolate onto the sidewalk. The cleanup involved firefighters using streams of hot water to wash away the brown, gooey chocolate that oozed onto the road.

Piggy Problems
If you think rubber duckies escaping is bad, what about 2,200 piglets? In Ohio a truck overturned, setting thousands of little piggies free! Some of them fled the scene and escaped before the authorities arrived! I wonder where they ended up?

A Vegan Nightmare
In December 2017, a tractor-trailer took a spill on a Texas Interstate resulting in 40,000 pounds of avocados plummeting onto the highway. As if that’s not problem enough, they then caught fire! As a result, the road was closed for most of the afternoon as the fire brigade quenched the avocado flames.

Hagfish Horror
Imagine driving home from work and suddenly your car gets covered in 3.4 tons of eels! That’s what happened to unsuspecting drivers in Oregon. The shipment, bound for Korea where eels are considered a delicacy, coated cars in water, eels, and – most disgustingly – eel slime. A small bulldozer had to come to clear the road!
Bee Brave
In 2015 a portion of a highway near Seattle, WA was shut down when 13.7 million bees spilled out across the road after a collision! People were encouraged to stay away from the scene while Beekeepers, fire trucks and volunteers helped the cleanup.

That’s all for now, just a little shipping fun to lighten your day.

Speak soon