Could China’s New Record-Breaking Bridge Change The World?

The world is changing. There’s no denying that. From smartphones to Alexa, technology is now integrated into every aspect of our lives and more is on the way. But it’s not only technology that can change the world.

The President of China, President Xi Jinping, recently raised the curtain on a multi-billion dollar project to build a bridge between Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macau. Until now, these major cities have been separated by water, preventing road transport and making barging services the primary way that cargo is moved between them.

The president is hoping that this new infrastructure will play to Hong Kong’s unique advantage by reducing the transport time between these cities. The $120 billion bridge is estimated to reduce the distance between Zhuhai and Kwai Chung container port from 200km to just 65km. This should shorten the transfer time from three and a half hours to just 75 minutes!

The bridge, which opened earlier this month, will welcome cargo trucks, charging them a toll of CNY115 (approx £16). At 55km long it is the world’s longest sea-crossing link, made up of three bridges and an underwater tunnel.

Whilst this is exciting news for anyone servicing these major cities, it’s also exciting news because of the implications it could have around the world. We already have an underwater connection from the UK to France, but could more tunnels and bridges be on the way?

Perhaps a tunnel from England to The Republic of Ireland? Or a bridge that takes us over to Amsterdam? Who knows! But it’s certainly an exciting time to be alive… I personally can’t wait to see what comes next…