Chadd’s Going To Amsterdam…

Amsterdam is famous for its red-light district and “Coffee Shops”. So, you might be wondering why I’m publicising my trip there? Well I hate to disappoint but I’m not that kind of party animal.

I’m not heading to Amsterdam to party this month, I’m going for something much more exciting instead! This year’s Atlas and Alfa Logistics Network Annual Conference.

If you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time, you’ll know that I love to travel around the world and network with our partners. You see, Millennium Cargo is built on relationships and there’s no better way to strengthen them than face to face.

Building strong relationships with our partners, suppliers and other shipping companies is the best way to ensure that you, our clients, get an excellent service and that your precious cargo is taken care of every step of its journey.

These annual conferences are attended by people from all over the world, but they usually take in place in far away destinations such as Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Dubai or Los Angeles. I’m really excited about this one being in Europe. Not only will some of our partners get to see what this wonderful continent has to offer, but it will be nice to do a short haul flight for once! Only a quick 40 minute hop over the water and I’m there.

The conference takes place 21st – 28th October at the Radisson Blu Palace Hotel in Central Amsterdam. Over the 7 days we’ll get to network, learn and hopefully explore a bit of the city. I’m really looking forward to making some new connections and strengthening our old ones too.