Cargo, Containers & Craziness: Thinking Outside Of The Box

The other day I was on the phone and the signal was terrible. Breaking up and cutting out every few sentences.

After a few failed attempts, the lady I was speaking to told me to hold on…

There was some shuffling, a click and a thud… then the signal was perfectly clear.

She explained that the office she was working from that day was not her usual one, but one out in the middle of the New Forest at her son’s Forest School. It was great to be able to work from there, but it did have some issues with mobile signal…because it was made from a shipping container!

You can imagine my surprise!

Of course, I know how useful shipping containers are, but I hadn’t really imagined people would kit them out and use them as an office!

She told me that it was pretty great. It had been properly converted, with insulation, electricity and even windows! It was warm, dry and much like any other working space.

So, I had a little Google to find some images of what she was describing, and I found a whole load of crazy container conversions!

From self-storage units, greenhouses and garden sheds, to offices and even swimming pools! The uses people have found for containers is never ending.

In fact, there is even something called “the tiny house movement” in which some people are building themselves houses out of shipping containers. They’re not always that tiny either, with some people combining several containers to create separate rooms and even multiple floors! It’s apparently an affordable way for people to own their own home.

Because they are not permanent structures, you often don’t need planning permission either!

Now, I’m not about to pack my bags and move into a container myself, but I do love to see people making such great use out of them! The creativity fascinates me.

Containers have been around for just over 50 years now, I wonder what they’ll have created from them in 50 more?