Cargo, Containers & Craziness – A Strange Request…

Working in freight we do get some odd requests.

A few weeks ago we were contacted by a guy with an unusual problem.

He was moving from the UK to Mexico and he needed some help… with shipping his pet rats!

While many airlines will carry cats, dogs and even birds, it seems that they won’t take our furry rodent friends!

Now, we don’t like to let people down. We pride ourselves on being able to move (almost) any cargo, but this one was tricky. We did find some solutions, but they were not cheap.

Usually, when you travel with a pet the animal can go in the cabin with you, or in some cases they have to go in a special area of the hold.

Funnily enough, we couldn’t find anyone that would allow the rats in the cabin.

Can you imagine it? You’ve just settled into your seat. You’ve got your crossword puzzle and your packet of peanuts all ready then a rat scuttles over your feet!

There’d be chaos!

We did find some options to take the rats in the hold but it was going to cost the poor guy thousands of pounds!

Now we all love our pets, but how much would you spend to relocate them? Would you cough up the cash or find them a new home in your country?

Speak soon,

PS – If you’ve got any crazy pet travel stories I’d love to hear them!