Can You Get It Cheaper?

I get it. You’ve got a business to run and a bottom line to protect.

But cheap isn’t always better.

In fact, sometimes cheap ends up costing you more.

Like my friend Jeff.

Now, Jeff is an old client of mine. He’s used Millennium to move his cargo for years.

But a few months ago he got suckered into an “I can do it cheaper for you” trap.

On this particular occasion, Jeff needed to move 12 x containers from the UK to Australia. This trip takes approx. 44 days from the time the ship leaves the UK port.

A competitor had offered to undercut our pricing by £50 per container, so a fairly considerable chunk. I can see why he was tempted…

There was one problem.

There’s more to moving goods than meets the eye.

If you’re a customer of Millennium then you’ll know that when it comes to customer service that’s where we really excel.

We’re organised, efficient and will do whatever it takes to make moving your goods hassle-free.

Most importantly, we send you your bill of lading within 24 hours of your goods leaving the UK.

Sadly for Jeff, the company he used instead don’t share our values.

His containers left the UK, but no bill of lading arrived. He chased and chased. Still no bill of lading. Time was ticking on…

For those of you that don’t know, without an original bill of lading, your customer at destination cannot get the goods until an original is presented to either my office or the carriers office locally at port, Without this presentation the goods will end up stuck in storage at the port incurring daily quay rent and demurrage..

Sure, the delay is annoying but what’s worse is the cost!

The charges for storage range between £60-£100 per day, per container! If you end up with 10 containers delayed for 10 days that can cost you £10,000!
He kept chasing as the days went on. Eventually, on the 44th day as his ship rolled into port, his bill of lading came through just in the nick of time.

Jeff was lucky this time but he learnt his lesson.

His £50 per container saving could have easily ended up as a £10,000 loss! He’s now back to being a regular Millennium Cargo customer and enjoying a stress-free shipping experience.

I guess the lesson here is to be careful of cheap freight forwarders. You may never know the true cost until it’s too late!