Business as usual? Coronavirus update

Mad times, isn’t it?

Coronavirus seems to be all anyone’s talking about – and it’s easy to see why.

We’ve not seen anything have such a big impact on society, the economy and the world in a very long time.

People’s opinions seem to vary from “Oh my god we’re all going to die” to “It’s all a big fuss about nothing”

The truth is probably somewhere in between.

Here at Millennium, we’re business as normal.

Well, as normal as can be when supply chains and freight is as disrupted as it is right now. We can’t guarantee it’s service as normal but we are doing all we can to minimise the impact on our customers and keep your goods moving.

Here’s what’s happening…

We’re working normal office hours – The Millennium team and I are in the office as usual, on hand to answer your enquiries and questions.

Should the government advice change, we’re equipped to work remotely from home, so it will still be business as usual for us.

We’re still meeting our clients – Much of our work is done remotely, but as you know I do like to network and see our clients in person. I’m still doing this and will continue to visit anyone who’s willing to have me.

I am of course being super vigilant – washing my hands and watching out for any signs of illness in myself or those I come in contact with. Should any signs develop then I’ll follow the government advice and self-isolate.

That’s pretty much it for now!

I’d love to hear what measures you’ve put in place in your business to minimise the impact of Coronavirus?