Blowing Your Own TRUMP-et?

I love a good Trump joke.

I know he’s got a fair few supporters, and a fair few haters, but he entertains me for sure.

When he’s not making bizarre suggestions like injecting disinfectant to treat coronavirus, he’s making sexist comments or declaring that global warming is something the Chinese made up!

While I find the concept of him being in charge of one of the world’s greatest superpowers mildly terrifying – I have to admit I’ve been loving the comedy factor!

Every day there’s a new meme, tweet or video about his latest bizarre statements.

One of the things Trump has developed notoriety for is his overconfidence and certainty that no one knows more about things than him!

It’s almost become his catchphrase.

“No one knows more about (insert any topic here) than me”

It doesn’t matter what the topic is – Trump is a self-declared expert on it!

I came across a little video on Facebook the other day that highlights just this. It’s a mash-up of Trump declaring that “No one knows more about….than me” – on all kinds of topics from technology to the Taliban!

It’s hilarious.

If you’d like a good giggle then you can watch it here.

Although it’s very funny, there’s an important lesson to be learned here too.

It’s actually a mistake I see business owners make all the time in their marketing.

If you’re sending emails to your list that are just talking about how “no one knows more about (your topic) than you” then you’ll sound just like Trump.

Sure, you might be an expert on your subject, but if you keep banging on about it and blowing your own Trump-et (see what I did there?) then you’ll do more damage than good.

So how can you show your list how awesome you really are?

Tell stories that demonstrate your skills, create content that showcases your knowledge and use case studies to show them what you can really do.

Sure, it’s a little more subtle but people will be more likely to listen, giving you more authority and better results.

Enjoy and see you again soon…