Bigger Isn’t Always Better

I’ve just returned from an eye-opening trip to Doha in Qatar. Not your usual holiday destination, but I wasn’t there for a jolly.

As you know I am passionate about building relationships with suppliers and other forwarders all around the world. It’s these personal relationships that help me to hand pick who we work with end ensure that your cargo is looked after every step of its journey. One of the ways I do this is by meeting them face to face at networking events and freight forwarding conferences.

The purpose of my latest trip was to attend the Majestic Global Logistics Network annual event. This particular event was a little different to the rest. While most networking conferences have around 200-300 attendees, this one was much smaller with only around 65.

I have to admit, I was little apprehensive before I went. Was a small group going to give the opportunities I needed to make the trip worthwhile? But as a founding member of the group I was keen to attend, and I am pleased to say I was pleasantly surprised.

You see, MGLN’s ethos is all based around quality not quantity. They aim to have a small group of members and focus on encouraging activity between them, which is really key for me. It’s no use being part of a large group if only a few want to join in the party! Bigger isn’t always better.

Throughout the weekend I met some fascinating characters and made connections with some really key people. People from 45 countries all around the world, including Argentina, Thailand and even Iran, had taken the time and made the effort to get to the event and make some new contacts.

Being British, the main topic people wanted to discuss with me was Brexit, but it was great to have an opportunity to talk about what’s really going on and alert them to the fake news and propaganda that’s been doing the rounds on the internet.

Qatar itself is a fascinating place. As the richest country in world, it boasts one of the safest capital cities and a wonderful culture to be immersed in. I’ll admit, the drinks were a little bit steep at 40 Euros for a single vodka and cranberry juice, but overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

Well done MGLN family for holding such a successful and valuable event. I wish you well for the comings years and I look forward to the next networking opportunity with you.