About Us

“December 14th 1987”

The day I started my very first job at Scan Dutch, CGM in Birmingham City Centre, UK as a very Youthful, Energetic and some would say very confident young man starting out in the big wide world of shipping and freight forwarding. My Role to look after the Import containers arriving into Tilbury from Asia.

With an inquisitive brain and a need to learn and try new things what followed was a roller coaster 8 years holding a wide and varied number of positions with a variety of carriers and forwarding companies.

After such great learnings and experiences gained the time was right to open and found my very own Company and in September 1996 Millennium Cargo was born.

Offering a variety of services including Exports, Imports, Rail, Road, Air, Sea, Consolidation, Warehousing and Distribution to name a few, I can honestly say there is not many things I have not tried and handled in this industry which is why insist Millennium Cargo are a unique and bespoke Freight forwarding company always looking to make the lives of our customers even simpler.

I am sick of companies trying to convince there customers that indeed Logistics is very complex and difficult when I know it is not and we make it simple for everyone.

As an individual with a constant thirst to self-develop and educate myself and my team around me I have personally taken on studies & research including Business Coaching, NLP, Three Principles, Mindfulness, Marketing. I enjoy regular worldwide travel and with these skills I believe this makes me one hell of CEO of an International, Well known and well respected company and brand who are able to continuing to do business on a global scale.

It is fair to say my journey has been fantastic and hopefully not over yet.

Meet and my team and get to know us before you give us a call and we help improve your business.

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The Story Begins…

Millennium was founded in 1996, by Chadd Blunt, a cheerful, no-nonsense freight expert from Birmingham, UK.

Chadd’s career started off working at Scan Dutch, CGM in Birmingham City Centre. His role was to look after the import containers that arrived into Tilbury from Asia. A youthful, energetic and confident young man, this role gave Chadd a taste of this fascinating industry and he became keen to learn more.

Over the next 8 years he held several key positions, within a wide variety of carriers and forwarding companies. This hands on experience gave him a deep knowledge of the freight forwarding world and solidified his understanding of how to get the best for his customers.

Millennium Cargo is Born…

After learning all he could, Chadd felt the time was right to open up on his own and bring another level of customer service to the freight and logistics world.

In September 1996 Millennium Cargo was born

Offering a variety of services including exports, imports, rail, road, air, sea, consolidation, warehousing and distribution, we have helped move cargo, goods and possessions to all four corners of the globe.

We don’t like to brag, but we’re always looking for new ways to make the lives of our customers even simpler and that’s what makes Millennium Cargo so unique.