A Dog’s For Life… But What About A Catfish?

We’ve all seen the “A dog’s for life, not just for Christmas” ads.

And quite rightly so, if you’re going to get yourself a puppy you’d better be prepared to love and care for it for the next 10-20 years.

But did you know that around Christmastime there’s a similar problem with fish?

Apparently, well-meaning family members have been buying the ever so cute red tail catfish as gifts.

Measuring only 4 inches in the pet shop, they look like the ideal pet for those with an aquatic interest.

But there’s a problem.

It appears the theory that “They only grow to fit their environment” is a load of rubbish and these adorable catfish can actually grow up to a whopping 4ft regardless of the size of their tank!

This would mean it will need a tank that’s at least 25ft long to give it ample space to move around and live a happy life.

But that’s not all…

A redtail catfish can live for 40 years and cost as much as £100,000 to maintain over its lifetime.

Even a simple goldfish, which many people mistakenly believe only last for two or three years can live for up to 50!

It appears that a fish is for life, not just for Christmas too!

So I guess the lesson here is to make sure you do your research.

Whether you’re buying someone a fishy gift, or importing noodle sauce from China, dig deep and do your homework so you really do know what you’re signing up for.

If you need a little help (with the imports, not the fish) then just ask, we’re always happy to help.