6am Wake Up Call?

Things have changed.

Over the last decade, the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have taken over the world.

More and more people have started to network online – and I can see why.

It’s easy – you don’t even have to leave your desk to do it.

It’s time-efficient – no travelling, no big chunks of time taken out of your busy schedule.

It’s free- no charge to hang out online!

And the best bit – there’s no 6am wake up call.

But while online networking does have a lot to offer (I’m a big fan myself), I am still a firm believer that you can’t beat a good old-fashioned business relationship that’s been built face to face – in the real world.

As you know, my business is built on relationships. I put a lot of time and energy into building and nurturing those relationships with our clients and with our freight partners too.

It’s the one thing that I say is most responsible for Millenium’s success – and how we’ve managed to hang around for the last 27 years!

I’ve been an active member of the Birmingham Chamber for many years now, but I’ve recently rejoined the Black Country Chamber of Commerce too.

You see, while everyone else hides away behind their laptops, I want to be out there meeting new people and connecting with businesses in real life.

I want to me building those face to face relationships.

The Black Country is a great region for us – we already have a fair few customers in that region due to the steel industry that’s still strong there.

I’m excited to get more involved.

I’ll be at the events and meetings, I’ve signed up for the fortnightly Sandwell and Black Country Business Club and we’ve booked a stand at the next BCC Expo too.

It’s cost me some money and it’s going to take up some of my time too. But it’s doing things like this – and building those face to face relationships – that gives us the edge. When I see something that works, it just makes sense to do more of it.

So what gives you the edge in your business? And do you do enough of it? I’d love to hear about it…